Hear me RAWRRRRR!!!!!

They say they got game, well I’m a game changer!

About me. I am American. I am a Leo. I love to write. I love a challenge. Pretty sweet, huh? Follow me @BLuvBReal for all things awesomeness that you need in your life!

Here are some more FAQ:

Where Am I From? Born and raised in the USA, New York, NY. Transplanted to Nashville, TN.

What Makes Me Tick? LIVE MUSIC! Great literature. Ramblin. Dancing. Working out.

Why Am I Here? Hell, that’s a long story but the heart of it is, I love country music and out of having to always defend why I love it, I wanted to share my love of country music to everyone. Even though I was raised in the city, country music is so relatable in its ability to tear open the heart of what it means to be a part of this country and how we all do what we must to survive and grow in our lives. A lot of people really don’t know that there is great music out there and end up suffering through a great deal of mediocrity musically. I am here to get information to the public and let them know that there are artists that still write their own music and play instruments. They are also great performers and are amazing people all around. I also love other genres of music and don’t be surprised at some of the bands and artists I post about! Not only that, but there are alot of legends of the past, musical cornerstones that this generation has no idea about…well if you continue reading my blog you will get schooled the same way I have been!

What Makes Me Country? When I was young, I heard country music played in my house all the time. Coming from parents that were both from the country themselves, we ate food grown in our gardens. This was rare in the city, but they did what they had to so we would have food to eat. It allowed me to appreciate the earth we are on and farmers and those who do the same on a daily basis. I love farmer’s markets and love that they come to the city. My favorite outfit is a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt with my boots….well now that I have experienced a summer in middle America, I’ve traded my jeans for cutoffs lol. I am also learning to play the guitar and the inspiration for that came from seeing regular people, just like me, make the decision to use music to express who they are and what they go through. I love having FUN! And I can say no music can liven up a party like country music. I love being in the outdoors, hiking, green grass, and fresh air. I enjoy horseback riding immensely.

So If This Is A Music Blog, Why Are There Other Categories? I never said this was a music blog. This is a blog about all my interests, learning experiences, areas of expertise and recommendations to fill the readers life with awesomesauce. Don’t put me in a box baby! I’m like a bird, I will only fly away 🙂


Join me on my journey and let’s make beautiful music together,

American Leo

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