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All I can say is, I saw a woman reading this book on the train a few years ago and thought the cover art was cool. I read over her shoulder for a couple of stops and then didn’t think about it again until I met the author (who I had NO idea was an author) and got my own copy. SOOOO glad I did! Now, I haven’t really been a fan of all the current urban fiction that is out now, but Keith really brings his characters to life with his vivid descriptions and tone of voice for each person in the book.

It was very hard not to look back on my own life while reading this novel and seeing alot of myelf as well as the people I grew up with in this story. Kudos to Mr. Williams and I recommend this book to all readers, especially those who are into urban fiction. Beware tho…as I read this book I kept telling myself that he is NOT talking about me or anyone I know, lol.


Now THAT is what makes a great author.