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Yes, from page one of this book, that is ALL I could say about one of the main characters, Sedari. This book is so full of emotion, raw and honest life situations that I actually had to take a break from reading as I became very connected to the plot. All of us have been through the drama in this book in some form or the other, or have friends that have been through it. If I was impressed with his first book, it is nothing compared to how I felt after reading Open Spaces.

Be warned…reading this book will make you question your relationships, all of them, from past to the future and don’t worry if you become highly unstable emotionally…Keith is great at doing that to his readers. It’s all apart of how he connects the world he creates to the readers world and you can’t put the book down until it’s done, even when you want too.

Again, plot is seemless and very meaty. Every word counts and is relevant to the storyline. I say buy this book, support this amazing independent author and you will not regret it.

Great work Keith. The title of this review is for you as well….OH NO HE DIDN’T just kill me softly with his words!!!!