A Patriot is defined as someone who feels a strong support for his or her country.*

Patriotism is defined as a devotion to one’s country, excluding differences caused by the dependencies of the term’s meaning upon context, geography and philosophy.**

Now that we have defined the above terms, let’s make the overall statement that it does not matter what country you are from, what your culture or ethnicity is, or where your ancestors are from, anyone can be a Patriot and practice Patriotism.

I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, Yankee Doodle do or die!

When I tell people that I am a Patriot, they look at me like I have eleven heads and no pants on. They then feel the need to detail all the horrible things that the United States has done and all the corrupt policies that have been put in place over the years. Needless wars, greed, turning a blind eye to the pollution caused by Big Business…yes yes all this is true and currently going on as I type.

However, one of the biggest responsibilities of any true Patriot is to take the good with the bad. One must have a solid understanding of the history of their country to even be a Patriot in my opinion. I mean, how can you be devoted to something you really know nothing about? How can you better the object of your affection if you don’t know what mistakes NOT to repeat from the past?

It is easy to turn a blind eye to the bad attributes of something that we are taken with…compare it with a new lover. You can see they have a procrastination problem, or maybe they are a violent drunk…but they can be sweet at times right? Love is blind, we are quick to argue. However, true love comes when we fully understand the other side and not only learn of the past but comes to terms with it and strive not to repeat those same mistakes.

I refuse to hate the land in which I was born, bred, and raised. My ancestors built this land and yes, it has its faults. Heck, I am an awesome saucy individual and even I, yes I, have issues that will make most cringe and reconsider a relationship with me. Tis the same with the good ole U.S. of A. for me. I will forever stand firm on my beliefs and for my country.

Know your history. Don’t just take what others say as gospel. Read. Research. Ask questions. Then, when you wear your flag proud (confederate or otherwise), I can actually take you seriously.


American Leo

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