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Yes, from page one of this book, that is ALL I could say about one of the main characters, Sedari. This book is so full of emotion, raw and honest life situations that I actually had to take a break from reading as I became very connected to the plot. All of us have been through the drama in this book in some form or the other, or have friends that have been through it. If I was impressed with his first book, it is nothing compared to how I felt after reading Open Spaces.

Be warned…reading this book will make you question your relationships, all of them, from past to the future and don’t worry if you become highly unstable emotionally…Keith is great at doing that to his readers. It’s all apart of how he connects the world he creates to the readers world and you can’t put the book down until it’s done, even when you want too.

Again, plot is seemless and very meaty. Every word counts and is relevant to the storyline. I say buy this book, support this amazing independent author and you will not regret it.

Great work Keith. The title of this review is for you as well….OH NO HE DIDN’T just kill me softly with his words!!!!

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All I can say is, I saw a woman reading this book on the train a few years ago and thought the cover art was cool. I read over her shoulder for a couple of stops and then didn’t think about it again until I met the author (who I had NO idea was an author) and got my own copy. SOOOO glad I did! Now, I haven’t really been a fan of all the current urban fiction that is out now, but Keith really brings his characters to life with his vivid descriptions and tone of voice for each person in the book.

It was very hard not to look back on my own life while reading this novel and seeing alot of myelf as well as the people I grew up with in this story. Kudos to Mr. Williams and I recommend this book to all readers, especially those who are into urban fiction. Beware tho…as I read this book I kept telling myself that he is NOT talking about me or anyone I know, lol.


Now THAT is what makes a great author.

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So in an effort not to spoil this ride for anyone, let me start by saying Luke Romyn is a master of suspense and non-stop action. This is not an easy genre to work in and he nails it effortlessly with Blacklisted. I really had a hard time putting this book down until it was
finished and it never got dull or boring or confusing. The main character Mike Swanson is badass and you will fall in love with him. I also like the conspiracy theories as it definitely fleshed out the storyline very well and drew you in as the reader into the world that Mike got dropped in.
I will end this review by saying this is a great deal on a story that gives the reader an intense ride into a world filled with guns, blood, fights, death, sex, passion, determination, insanity, evil, and even love, albeit a twisted, broken thing. Spend the $.99 cents and join me in the world that Luke Romyn has deamed “Blacklisted”.

Red Mojo Mama
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First, let me point out that the main character, Red, will capivate you as effectively as her red hair captivates those around her in this book. The storyline moves quickly and you will find that it will become difficult to put down! Second, the reader must be able to stretch the limits of their imaginations a bit; but no worries there since the book does it for you. Don’t let the title fool you either as this story is filled with suspense, mystery, fraud, murder, even sex! Yes I said sex although I guess the word mojo being in the title implies that lol.
I don’t want to spoil it for you so I will conclude by stating this is a fun book and money well spent. Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, sigh, shout, smile and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over. Oh and if by chance you have lost your own mojo, once completing this book you WILL have it back!